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Welcome to Mudcreek Labradoodles

At Mudcreek Labradoodles we specialize in breeding superior quality Australian Labradoodles. My husband and I have been breeding dogs for over 15 years. We began breeding extraordinary Labrador Retrievers. As we watched and listened to people talk about allergy and shedding issues, I began to research Labradoodles. We immediately fell in love with the breed. In 2003 we had our first litter of Labradoodles. We began our program with our foundation Labradors, along with our first Standard Poodle producing F1 Labradoodles. This allowed us to build a breeding program where we have experience with each generation of Labradoodles. We now offer Multi-Generation Labradoodles.

We are located just south of Tyler, Texas. We are 115 miles east of Dallas and 200 miles north of Houston.

We are super excited about our upcoming litter. Perfect timing for families to enjoy adding a new family member to your home!

  • Maggie and Gus will have red pups on November 27th. We are accepting deposits.
  • Molly and Sam AND Birdie and Sam to have litters that will go home around the end of January

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See photos & more on our Puppy Page.

Labradoodles have proven to be outstanding family pets. The title on an issue of "Life" magazine was "The Perfect Dog". The combination of a Labrador's personality and trainability along with the loyalty and intelligence of the Poodle makes a 'Perfect Dog'. Wonderful qualities found in a Labradoodle are:

·   Allergy friendly
·   Low to non-shedding coats
·   Low to no odor and pet dander
·   Gentle and easily trainable
·   Smart
·   Loyal
·   Athletic

And more of our pups....

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Mudcreek Labradoodles

Mark & Mandy Bowen
375 CR 3812
Troup, Texas 75789

Cell (903) 530-5611

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